Bureaucratic Fat Cats

There once was a time, a time of where things in the world were so much simpler. This in our world is so much more a reality I wish not to speak of it. But speak I will. So much has changed over the hundreds of years, chivalry is no longer a thing adorned by all men. It can be worn by any type of person, young, old, male or female. Then as to some as is wanted as is not to others. The young thoughts surrounded by children of this age confuses them to a point where they care not. They continue to delve in the things that they know. The things that they can control. A land that if they wish, can be gone in an instant. It is a land of games. It is a land of childish games. Some think that humanity has been brought forward. They think that it has come of age. But then why does our land still continue to be so disrespectful of fellow man.

In the days of old, men, soldiers, slaves were pawns in a game of life. They were used to do thy will of their king. And for the most part willingly served. In this becoming of so-called humanity, we lost other such values morals and behaviours that made us respectable beings. We also lost discipline… and for what. So a nation can slowly destroy itself. The world as we know it is like a nation that does not have an economy. That does not expand in their knowledge and arts. A land that may expand in distance through war, but not where it counts. Like this same nation that does not move along technologically so we also follow in the same footsteps. We have now become obsessed with the ability to marvel out our own creations, to increase our world. And at what cost?

What is a country without the countrymen? It is nothing. It is null and void. Men used to work so that his family could have a chance. So that he could have a blessed and merry life. These men were the blacksmiths, they were the armourers, the stablemen, the farmers. These men were once respected in the social order of things. Now these men are as low as can be. It was once a privilege to become an apprentice of a master, to learn and follow his trade. But no longer is this way of life an inclination for those young in years. Because the world is so self-absorbed with making itself ‘The Best!’ men no longer want simple lives. They want riches of unspoken terms. They want the rest of the world to be humbled and merry when they walk through. I spit at the feet of these people. They wish only to better themselves. Thinking not of the humanity of his own countrymen. You only need to look at the pigs and dogs of parliament to see the epitome of these scoundrels. They seek to make themselves more comfortable while the working class man struggles to survive; they sit with their belly’s full and house cleaned. Being waited upon at all times. Once again I spit in their general direction.

Until the world comes to the realisation that they cannot survive with men like the blue collared workers they will come crawling back. When their houses collapse due to poor workmanship due to all those in the know of these master crafts dying of starvation. And all because of a nation that clothes his skin without feeding the body. Shame on you, leaders of this new world. Go back to when men were once civilised. And for once I pray God that you feed your countrymen before you feed yourself.

Do not worry yourself of a writings of a 19-year-old boy who has lost hope in the willingness of the human race. I realise that my hopes are improbable in this time of fat cat bureaucracy. Sincerely, A boy with no dreams.