Scarlett Johanssen


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson

Oh my darling scarlett how wonderful you are! Scarlett has to be one of those girls that make every guy wish that they worked in hollywood. She is one of the only actors that hasn’t yet sold her sole to the devil by doing overtly nudist roles. Some display of celebrity nudism (like lindsay lohan) are done just to get publicity, but Scarlett has steered clear of those kinds of roles.

It is only recently that she decided to do her first nude role and even that was not done in the erotic way that was to be overly sexualized. Yes, she was hacked by a computer hacker and stealing her nude shots she had taken of herself, that were then posted all over the web. Means nothing too much now after “the Fappening” is still going on.

She has continued to pursue roles that have little to no requirement for hardcore acting skills but that might just be because people haven’t taken her seriously yet – I really believe that this is something that Johanssen wishes to do… go big time.

Let’s be real – she’s a big time actress, she’s been in loads of movies with tonnes of first rate actors but I think she’s hasn’t been the starlet – our Miss Scarlett.

Their is no doubt in my mind that this day will come and when it inevitably does. We will be first in line to see her. Is it because we’re hoping to get a glimpse of those amazing safety devices she has installed to her chest? Possibly; however her amazing bosom does not take away from her acting skill – though it may take away from my own personal concentration…

Release the hounds Scarlett!