Sexiest People Alive VLOG we are gonna talk about all the beautiful people of the world and why oh why they are oh so beautiful.

You can never underestimate the entertainment industry and the ability that it has to drive people crazy. Men and women both flock to movies each and every day – watch television – rent DVD’s – to be entertained and enraptured for 90+minutes at a time. All the while we are developing pseudo relationships with these people allowing ourselves to get deeply involved in one-sided relationships that never have any hope of living up to the expectations of anything.

In a look but don’t touch fashion we will update this website with the beautiful people of HOLLYWOOD and the music industry. If you want to write a guest article about your favorite celebrity then please just drop us a line and tell us all about your celeb crush!

You never know – they just might read it and decide to get into contact with you!!


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